Dangerous Furniture Polish (Must Read)

People Are Searching for a More Natural Alternative

Why are beeswax-based wood finishes becoming popular again? It’s partly because people are searching for a natural alternative to modern wood finishing products – products that often contain some rather nasty chemicals, such as toluene.
(Note: Toluene, which for many years has been a mainstay ingredient in many wood finishing products, could definitely be considered ‘a less desirable substance.’ Toluene has been associated with a range of illnesses, and is suspected of being linked to certain birth defects.
Simply Natural : will be making a range of beeswax polish with contains 100% pure beeswax and organic olive oil. If your are interested in our natural beeswax polish please contact us on the details below.

The Advantages of Beeswax Wood Finish

The most obvious advantage of a finish or polish made of beeswax is that it’s natural – or at least the beeswax portion is natural.
As concerns mount about pollutants in our homes (you’ve probably heard that the most polluted air you breathe may be in your own home), many of us are actively seeking ways of eliminating some of those sources of pollution and a furniture polish containing ‘bad’ ingredients can be a significant source of indoor pollution.
After all, we not only breathe the air that may have been contaminated by the polish, our skin is in constant contact with it as we use the wooden furniture for its intended purpose.
So eliminating furniture polish as a potential source of indoor pollutants makes a significant contribution to making our homes safer and healthier.
Be aware, though, that there are products that combine beeswax with a number of questionable ingredients like toluene.
So if you’re buying a commercial wax or polish, be sure to read the ingredient list carefully
Email: simplynaturalspain@gmail.com

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