About Simply Natural Spain


Welcome to Simply Natural Herbs & Crafts

We have been interested in herbal remedies and natural medicine for a number of years. We have been working on a number of natural products for the last three years and now we are finally at the stage to share all our progress with all our friends. We also have been collecting some amazing old fashioned items to bring back forgotten skills. Such as wood turning, weaving and lots more.

We will share photos, demonstration videos of methods used to make your own herbal remedies and more, or you can simply watch to see how we make our Simply Natural products and learn some forgotten craft skills.

We pride ourselves in using only pure natural ingredients.Please feel free to email us or message us with any queries or questions.

Coming Soon…

Simply Natural Spain are working on offering a range of free online courses and workshop.

We will be offering these to all who would like to gain knowledge or experience in a number of different subjects such as herbal health, making your own herbal remedies to different types of crafts and basic animal care.

We are looking forward to helping others along without charging silly fees.

We are looking  at filming a number of  free learning videos for all who subscribe.

We have added a Donation button below help us educate  others so they can achieve their goals.  Thank you

Please click the link for courses and workshops – Herbal Guide





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